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RESULTS 2016                              (click to open)

* Stockport 4 piece 21st February


* Alpha Factor Sat 27th and Sunday 28th February








Cheshire and Merseyside County Grades 5th/6th March


English Championships 2016 WAG Espoir 18th March


Compulsory and National Grades 16th April


Regional Inter Counties Results 23rd April


Cheshire and Merseyside 2 piece 7th/8th May


National Compulsory Finals 8th May


North West 2 piece 14th and 15th May


National Finals 21st and 22nd May Fenton Manor



Wire Road to Rio comp


NW Teams comp 10th and 11th September


Bill McLoughlin 10th September


Challenge Cup - 17th and 18th September 2016


NW Individual Apparatus 24th and 25th Sept 2016


Pink Ladies September 30th / October 1st and 2nd 2016


Voluntary and FIG Championships 16th October 2016


Cheshire and Merseyside 4 piece 12th/13th December 2016


Inter County Teams 11th December 2016














Stockport 21st Feb 4 piece Alpha Factor Alpha Factor Alpha Factor Alpha Factor Alpha Factor County Grades 2016 County Grades 2016 Comp and National Grades Regional Inter County Grades Finals
National Compulsory Finals
County Grades 2016 C&M 2 piece May 2016 NW 2 piece May Level results Regional results Road to Rio NW Teams Bill McLoughlin The Challenge Cup 2016 Pink Ladies 2016 Voluntary and FIG NW Ind Apparatus C&M 4 piece Inter County Teams